The inheritance restored : or plain truths on Bible holiness

Chapter 1 The Primary Glory of the Human Race
Chapter 2 The Inheritance Lost
Chapter 3 Depravity
Chapter 4 Depravity (continued)
Chapter 5 The Inheritance Restored
Chapter 6 First Step in the Saving Process
Chapter 7 Repentance
Chapter 8 Faith
Chapter 9 Justification
Chapter 10 Regeneration
Chapter 11 Adoption
Chapter 12 Sanctification
Chapter 13 Relation and Meaning of God's Chosen Words
Chapter 14 Restoration and Sanctification
Chapter 15 Distinction Between the New Birth and Entire Sanctification
Chapter 16 Reasons for Distinction
Chapter 17 Results of Opposite Teaching
Chapter 18 Christian Perfection
Chapter 19 The Time Between the New Birth and Sanctification
Chapter 20 Excuses Offered for not Receiving Sanctification
Chapter 21 Is Sanctification Wrought Gradually or Instantaneously?
Chapter 22 How is Sanctification Obtained?
Chapter 23 Conviction for Sanctification
Chapter 24 Entire Consecration
Chapter 25 The Act of Receiving Sanctification
Chapter 26 The Experience
Chapter 27 The Witness of Sanctification
Chapter 28 Testimony
Chapter 29 How Should Testimony be Given?
Chapter 30 Testimony Must be Given Wisely
Chapter 31 Witnessing Before the World
Chapter 32 Testimony, Not Teaching, Nor Complaining
Chapter 33 The Results of not Seeking Sanctification
Chapter 34 How is Sanctification Retained?
Chapter 35 How is Sanctification Retained? (concluded)
Chapter 36 Questions to be Answered by Objectors
Chapter 37 The Holiness Movement
Chapter 38 The Holiness Movement is of God
Chapter 39 Confusion of Opposing Theories
Chapter 40 Holiness as a Specialty
Chapter 41 Holiness Associations
Chapter 42 Mistakes of Professors of Holiness
Chapter 43 Dress
Chapter 44 Fanaticism
Chapter 45 Safeguards Against False Spirit-Leadings
Chapter 46 The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 47 Do All Sanctified Persons Equally Possess the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit?
Chapter 48 The Holy Spirit as our Internal Guide
Chapter 49 Conditions of the Indwelling Fullness of the Holy Ghost
Chapter 50 Humility
Chapter 51 Questions Answered
Chapter 52 Author's Experience
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