Life of Charles G. Finney

1 Sent of God   
2 His Conversion   
3 Studying Theology   
4 Beginning His Ministry   
5 Revivals at Antwerp, "Sodom," Gouverneur, and Dekalb   
6 Revivals at Western, Rome, Utica, Auburn, Troy, and New Lebanon
7 Ministerial Opposition and the New Lebanon Convention   
8 Revivals at Stephentown, Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Reading -- 1827-1830   
9 Revivals in Columbia, New York City, Rochester, Auburn, Buffalo, Providence, and Boston -- 1830-1832   
10 Labors in New York City -- 1832-1835 Trip to Italy -- Revival Lectures -- Oberlin   
11 Early Labors in Oberlin   
12 Revivals in Boston -- Providence -- Rochester Again in Boston -- 1842-1844 Renewed Baptism with the Holy Ghost -- Loss of His Wife   
13 First Visit to England -- Revivals in Hartford, Western, Syracuse, and Rochester   
14 Revivals in Boston -- England -- Scotland, and Oberlin -- Close of His Life   
15 Finney on Preachers and Preaching   
16 Finney on Free Masonry   
17 The Estimate of Finney Made by Others -- Finney as a Theologian   
18 Finney on Sanctification and Its Results in Oberlin College History -- Closing Pictures
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