Herald of Holiness - October 15, 1969

The sun low on the horizon with a tree silhouetted.
The poem Braver Tomorrow

01 Braver Tomorrow By Kathryn Blackburn Peck

02 Commitment Is Personal By General Superintendent Young

03 Helps to Holy Living: Keeping Spiritually Fit By Ernest E. Grosse

04 Toward a Better Understanding By the Board of General Superintendents

05 The Case for the Organized Church By J. J. Steele

06 So This Is Life: Embracing the Unbelievable By Milo L. Arnold

07 On Giving and Receiving Appreciation By Paul Culbertson

08 The Fringe Benefits By Dorothy Boone Kidney

08 Love at First Light By Brian L. Farmer

10 Editorially Speaking By W. T. Purkiser

13 Some Late Summer Assembly Reports

14 How Others Saw the Special "Herald"

16 Vital Statistics

16 News of Religion

17 Late News

18 Next Sunday's Lesson By W. E. McCumber

18 The Answer Corner Conducted by W. T. Purkiser

20 "By All Means... Save Some" Uncle John Went Visiting By A. S. London



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