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Sunday School - Elementary, Year 3 (Student & Teacher)

Discipleship Ministries of the Mesoamerica Region (Church of the Nazarene) presents its complete collection of books for Christian education for children.

This series is designed for students and teachers of children from 4 to 11 years of age. Children will learn the lessons of the Bible according to their age. At the end of their elementary school years, they will have gone through the challenging biblical stories as well as various appropriate themes for each stage of their childhood and pre-teenage years.

A Sacred Trust

The “A Sacred Trust” material was presented as an orientation and development session for the General Board, Church of the Nazarene, at the beginning of the 2013 – 2017 quadrennial term. New members from the six global regions of the Church of the Nazarene were present.


The High Performance Board

The presentation, “The High-Performance Board: Moving from Vision to Action to Results” was presented in 2015 at a Faith and Fundraising Conference, sponsored by the National Development Institute, USA.

The presentation discussed 12 “Best Practices for Effective Boards” as outlined in the book by the same title.

At the close of the presentation, the participants were challenged to select two “best practices” of effective boards most in need of attention during the next two years. 


College Governance

This Power Point material was presented in Johannesburg, South Africa as part of the Africa Institute for Evangelical Leaders. The Institute was sponsored by the Wesleyan Church, Africa Region.

Presidents, Academic Deans, and other members of the schools’ leadership teams of various theological Colleges in Africa participated in the conference.

The material highlights six “best practices” in college governance.  The discussion following the presentation regarding the “best practices” narrowed the focus to:


SNU Pastors' Forum Video Presentation on "Local Church Board Health"

The two-part video captures the presentation on “Local Church Board Health,” presented at the Southern Nazarene University (SNU) 2016 Pastors’ Forum. The Forum was sponsored by the Resource Center for Pastoral Leadership at SNU.

In addition to the presentation to pastors and district leaders, the Forum was live-streamed to district centers and local churches across the South Central region, USA, Church of the Nazarene.


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