The Works of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M., Vol. VI

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Sermons on several occasions. First series continued. Second series



PDF icon 6.Sermons.XL. Christian Perfection (n.d.).pdf7.11 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.XLI.Wandering Thoughts(n.d.).pdf3.29 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.XLII.Satan's Devices (n.d.).pdf4 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.XLIII. The Scripture Way of Salvation (n.d.).pdf4.11 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.XLIV. Original Sin (n.d.).pdf3.89 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.XLV. The New Birth (n.d.).pdf4.32 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.XLVI. The Wilderness State (n.d.).pdf4.9 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.XLVII. Heaviness Through Manifold Temptations (n.d.).pdf4.21 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.XLVIII. Self-Denial (n.d.).pdf3.95 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.XLIX. The Cure of Evil-Speaking (n.d.).pdf3.63 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.L.The Use of Money (n.d.).pdf4.22 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LI.The Good Steward (n.d.).pdf4.49 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LII. The Reformation of Manners (Jan 1763).pdf5.96 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LIII. On the Death of the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield (Nov 1770).pdf5.01 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LIV.On Eternity (n.d.).pdf3.13 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LV.On the Trinity (n.d.).pdf2.55 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LVI. God's Approbation of His Works (n.d.).pdf3 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LVII. On the Fall of Man (n.d.).pdf3.19 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LVIII.On Predestination. (n.d.).pdf1.92 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LIX.God's Love to Fallen Man. (n.d.).pdf3.16 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LX.The General Deliverance. (n.d.).pdf3.79 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXI. The Mystery of Iniquity (n.d.).pdf4.7 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXII.The End of Christ's Coming. (n.d.).pdf3.46 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXIII.The General Spread of the Gospel. (n.d.).pdf3.75 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXIV.The New Creation. (n.d.).pdf2.71 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXV.The Duty of Reproving Our Neighbour. (n.d.).pdf2.83 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXVI. The Signs of the Times. (n.d.).pdf2.85 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXVII. On Divine Providence. (n.d.).pdf3.39 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXVIII. The Wisdom of God's Counsels. (n.d.).pdf4.14 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXIX The Imperfection of Human Knowledge. (n.d.).pdf4.49 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXX.The Case of Reason Impartially Considered (n.d.).pdf3.57 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXXI.Of Good Angels (n.d.).pdf3.13 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXXII.Of Evil Angels(n.d.).pdf3.49 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXXIII.Of Hell(n.d.).pdf3.5 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXXIV.Of the Church(n.d.).pdf3.27 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermons.LXXV.Of Schism (n.d.).pdf3.25 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXVI.On Perfection.pdf4.65 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXVII.Spirtual Worship.pdf3.92 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXVIII.Spirtual Idolatry.pdf3.26 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXVIX.On Dissipation.pdf3.01 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXX.On Friendship with the World.pdf4.07 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXXI.In what Sense we are to Leave the World.pdf3.94 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXXII.On Temptation.pdf3.37 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXXIII.On Patience.pdf2.97 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXXIV.The Important Question.pdf4.15 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXXV.On Working Out Our Own Salvation.pdf2.72 MB
PDF icon 6.Sermon.LXXXVI.A Call to Backsliders.pdf4.41 MB


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